English Class

Hello everybody, sorry for not keeping my promise to tell you about my English Class progress on the same day. On last Friday, we learned about Grammar which I believe refreshes our memory about the rule of Grammar.  As we learned Grammar on that day , It feels like Old School when I’m in primary three. I never really paying attention on Grammar and never really try to understand the rule of it.

After 1 hour (I guess) of Grammar learning. Mr. Nik continue our class (after few minutes of break) with public speaking. I don’t know what to say, I just say whatever I want to share with others. As I mentioned before, I never pay attention on my Grammar neither on my writing nor conversation.

After class, on our way heading to our cars, we met with Mr. Nik and Mr. Faizal and I share with them a little about my  reading hobby. Mr. Nik told me that If I have read a lot of novel books, then I should stop and start reading about Biography. How could I stop reading novels. Reading novels is not just something that I used to improved my English but It is also a passion to me. Maybe I can add Biography in my reading list aligned together with my thrillers, horror and fiction. If that is the case than I believe I should start with Steve Jobs and Tun Mahathir. These two books have catches my eyes a few months a go when I and Rokiza were looking for books to give to our former Director Tuan Ariff bin Baharom.

I believe it’s a good start to enhanced my vocabulary knowledge and enrich my general knowledge. Thinking about my 3 months labour leave excite me more because I have so much time to spend on reading other than my new born baby.

Okay, that’s all for today. I have so much to share with you all about my pregnancy journey but I guess time is running out and my resources (picture) still not available. I guess this journey ends here for now. See you next time.


English Class

Hello there, today I would like to share with all of you my experienced in our English Class. My Department arrange an English Class for officers to enhance their English capabilities. The class is held every Friday for how many weeks I’m not sure yet. So today is our second week of English learning session. For today, we are required to do a public speaking about what I like and dislike about my job. I have no complaint on this session it’s just that I have problem with stage fright. Hopefully everything will go on smoothly. Will tell the whole story to you later on. WISH ME LUCK.

Cuti - Cuti Malaysia

Cuti – Cuti Malaysia 2011

Hello my visitor. It has been 2 years since my last post about our Family Vacation. This time me and my family decided to go to Genting Highland and Pulau Pangkor. There is not much to say about our vacation, it’s just I believe it has become a favour for my children especially the youngest. During that time I am pregnant for 4 months and cannot do much to enjoy the vacation. In spite of that disappointment of not be able to enjoy the rides in Genting Highland, I am really glad to see my children happy faces and believe that it is incomparable with anything in this world. For me it is a priceless moment to be enjoyed with.

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That’s all for now, I will share with all of you the story of our vacation in Pulau Pangkor on my next post.

Pregnancy Journey

Journey of A Pregnant Mom

I have been pregnant for 8 months already. This is quite an experience for me because my last pregnancy was 6 years ago. I have first discovered that I am pregnant during Hari Raya 2011. At first I never expected that I am pregnant because the doctor from Nur Sejahtera Clinic said that I cannot conceive if I don’t make a dilation procedure because of my in-balance in hormone. So she said I need to stop taking any family planning pills. After Dilation procedure then we will discussed what family planning method should I use. Before I even went to Likas Hospital for this procedure, I am positively pregnant.

When I first discovered that I pregnant, I am crying hysterically (if that is the appropriate words to use) because I never expected to pregnant at this time and I know that I will look miserable and sick during my months of pregnancy.

The story begins when I feel that I have lost my appetite but I thought it is because I eat too much of everything. And then I am suffer from a heartburn but again I thought It is because I eat too much KOLOPIS (Glutinous Rice). The day after that, I am having this pregnancy discomfort (which I cannot get near to my husband) and I suspected that I am pregnant. The next day, I went to a Pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test kit and tested my urine. TADAAAAA it is positive. At that time I don’t know how should I react either happy or frustrated. Happy because I will have a baby again frustrated I will be suffering from Heartburn, Vomiting and all this pregnancy discomfort. So enough with my pregnancy for now. I will continue my mom- to-be (is it because I already have 3 children) journey.

Cuti - Cuti Malaysia

Ranau Vacation

Taking picture at Kalagadan (If i'm not wrong)

Last Weekend is the best weekend for 2010 (SO FAR) . My family and I went to Kg. Luanti, Ranau and stay at their Homestay. The place is just near Sabah Tea Plantations (Road to Sandakan).  We also went to a place where they call it as Kg. Tagal coz the Sungai are full of Tagal Fish. It’s easy to recognize the place. It has a big Signboard stated KG. TAGAL and big Fish Statue at the main entrance. Tagal Fish are what people call as FISH SPA. You soak your feet in the Sungai and the fish will come to you. you also can soak your whole body  but you must be ready for a school of fish coming attacking you.  It’s an experience of a life time. Really exciting and we will look forward coming to that place again. 

Tagal Fish that I mention earlier
My Uncle swimming with the fish
My Family (Mom, Cousin, My daughters and Son)


Kg. Tagal the fish village


The face of my father when the fish bite his leg (Geli n Sakit also)


Apart from that, we also went to Sabah Tea Plantation taking a tea break after swimming (of course we are starving after swimming). Tea break is not actually a tea break coz everybody ordered heavy food (fish n chips, fried mee, fried rice and etc). The place also nice with a beautiful scenery. 


Sabah Tea Plantations
My mom taking picture at Sabah Tea Plantations


My mom with unusual plant which I don't know the name
My cousin and my daughter

On our way back, we stop at Kundasang to buy flowers and vegetables. 



S.M.K Benoni's Alumni

S.M.K Benoni students reunion

S.M.K Benoni Class Of 98'

Today is our high school reunion but mainly the gathering is for science student of class 98. It is held at my house at 10.00 a.m this morning. really interesting and enjoyable because we got to meet everybody and see the transformation of everybody plus their life story this few years.

Betty Anthony become thinner than she was in form 5. She looks soooo skinny. I think the previous her much more better. If she see this blog my advice its better for her to gain a little weight.

As usual me the most talkative of them all. haha. Huzaini Hussin thinner and Macho (Claim by Narsi). It’s good for him but would like to know what is his tips.

It’s a shame Marzuki can’t attend our reunion since he’s involved with motorcycle accident and can’t walk for a while ( 3 months). We did visit him and wish him get well soon.

Bonniface with his body builder body.

Everybody is different now. Hope to have a reunion on the future. Next Suggestion is at 1B. Makan2, Tengok Wayang and Bowling.