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This is my baby items that I bought from online shop. Some of the item are pre-luved items and most of it are new. Online shopping is really fun and one of my favourite therapy. Items that I bought for my baby are romper, binder, warmer, baby tights, socks and mittens, and steriliser. Buying things from online is much more cheaper than buy from retail shop. My obsession for baby items make me want to invest in an online biz. Now I have my own facebook page for selling baby items that I called cushiebabybee e-store. It has become my part-time job to fulfilled my leisure time. Hope I can be a successful retailer on the future. Wish me luck.

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This is my son birthday. he is a loyal fan of Ben 10 (I’m part of he’s Ben 10 fan club), so I bought him a Ben 10 cake exclusive from Secret Recipe (hoping to get a loyalty from secret recipe). He is so damn happy when he see the cake and trying his best securing the cake so that people will not eat his Ben 10.