Pregnancy Journey

My Pregnancy Journey

Hello there, yesterday is my 35th weeks of pregnancy and almost near my due date. I would like to share with all of you my  unforgettable experience on my 18th @ 20th weeks of pregnancy. It happened after we got back from Peninsular Malaysia for our family vacation. On the day that I suppose to report duty after a week of  holiday, there’s a drop of blood during urinating. Because I don’t want to take it for granted on my baby safeness, so I went to the Emergency Room at Hospital Papar. The doctor at Hospital Papar checked and scanned my baby. She said that she can’t visualize my baby heartbeat maybe cause by her old scanner. She also explained to me that she need to do a VE (Vaginal Exam) to make sure that everything is OK, so I agreed  and approved her to do the procedure. After a while (during the VE procedure), she told that I’m already open for 2cm and just waiting for the baby to come out but the possibility that my baby will safe is small. With a shocked face, I ask her whether there is anything that the hospital can do to safe my baby but she said nothing can be done it’s an inevitable miscarriage.

I called my husband ( he’s working at the Hospital) and told him the situation. My husband approached the doctor and trying to get a clarification about the situation, so the doctor explained to him and said that I will be send to Hospital Likas for a dilation procedure. My husband felt like he was about to faint and walked to my bed and ask me whether I want him to be with me in the ambulance. I said no to him because I prefer to be alone at that time.

On our way to the Hospital Likas, I was thinking how am I going to explain to my son (the youngest) because he is the want who really excited to have a baby from his mom. It also had come to my imagination (or you can say hope) that during the dilation procedure my baby still alive and survive. I smiled to myself and said only miracle from Allah can make that happened (never expect anything could happen the way I wish for because the doctor has said the verdict).

So move on to Hospital Likas incident. After the nurse registered me, I was sent to a ward and waited for a doctor to approach me. While waiting, I saw there are four mother waiting to do the dilation procedure. I waited patiently for my turn. When it’s my turn, the doctor (the doctor name is Fahmi same as my son’s name) asked me how many menstrual pad I have used, I reply to him none. He is curious, supposedly I should already been using 2@3 menstrual pad and I assured him that I have not used any menstrual pad yet and still waiting to use it. He asked me furthermore, what the doctor at Hospital Papar said. I replied “as what you can see in the report, the doctor said it’s an inevitable miscarriage which my baby is waiting to get out (miscarriage)”. He smiled and said ” maybe  and this is  only a possibility that he can think of, that it’s already stop”. I smiled to him and said “Hopefully”. Okay we will wait for the specialist and see what he will say about this. Meanwhile he said he need to take my blood for an examination purposes so I nodded to him ( I have nothing to say more) because I’m not interested in doing so since I am in accepting phase.

Later On, the Gynaecologist Specialist came to me and examined me. They also a little bit shocked and insist on rescan procedure for me. In the scanning room, the doctor told me that my baby is doing fine with healthy heart and showed me my baby heartbeat rate which she said it’s a healthy heartbeat rate. I am speechless at that time. I did told her that my cervix OS is open 2cm. She said it’s normal for me to open 2cm because I am bearing my fourth child, it’s not that I am likely a first time mother.  When I heard that I am totally relieved and thankful to Allah for the miracle that Allah has created for me.

And now my baby is almost 3kg and waiting to get out  to see the world. Anyway I forgot to mention that my baby is a girl. Here I present my baby girl 3D picture for all of you to see.

Pregnancy Journey

Journey of A Pregnant Mom

I have been pregnant for 8 months already. This is quite an experience for me because my last pregnancy was 6 years ago. I have first discovered that I am pregnant during Hari Raya 2011. At first I never expected that I am pregnant because the doctor from Nur Sejahtera Clinic said that I cannot conceive if I don’t make a dilation procedure because of my in-balance in hormone. So she said I need to stop taking any family planning pills. After Dilation procedure then we will discussed what family planning method should I use. Before I even went to Likas Hospital for this procedure, I am positively pregnant.

When I first discovered that I pregnant, I am crying hysterically (if that is the appropriate words to use) because I never expected to pregnant at this time and I know that I will look miserable and sick during my months of pregnancy.

The story begins when I feel that I have lost my appetite but I thought it is because I eat too much of everything. And then I am suffer from a heartburn but again I thought It is because I eat too much KOLOPIS (Glutinous Rice). The day after that, I am having this pregnancy discomfort (which I cannot get near to my husband) and I suspected that I am pregnant. The next day, I went to a Pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test kit and tested my urine. TADAAAAA it is positive. At that time I don’t know how should I react either happy or frustrated. Happy because I will have a baby again frustrated I will be suffering from Heartburn, Vomiting and all this pregnancy discomfort. So enough with my pregnancy for now. I will continue my mom- to-be (is it because I already have 3 children) journey.