My Shaffiya Journey

I am out of Breast Milk

Assalamualaikum, from my last post I did mentioned that my baby (or should I say me) having problem with my Breast Milk (not enough supply). This post is the continuance from the previous post. After realizing that my baby really unhappy with my BM supply so I decided to mix BM with Powdered Milk. When she reached 2 months old, still she had  not enough Powdered Milk or Breast Milk. Reviewing my experienced with my previous children, I assume that she has the same necessity with her brother and sisters (Powdered Milk mix with cereal). Maybe a lot of people out there will say WHAT? u gave your baby cereal at this age. Yes actually this matter bothered me so much whether my baby will be ok or not. But I just pray to Allah that nothing will happen to my baby. And now she is 5 months old yet she has no problem with her stomach any more. Hopefully there will be no problems too on the future. So until now she still drink powdered milk + cereal for a true satisfaction.

My Shaffiya Journey

My First month experienced with Shaffiya

It has been months from my last post. And today my baby is almost 5 months. fuhh!!  what a journey. The first week of having a new born baby is the toughest of all. On my first week, my baby had this what we called as Jaundice. Her Billirubin  is 200++ but from my previous experienced if your baby weight 3kg above so 200++ is a safe reading. But still need to struggle so that the result is getting better. So me and my baby need to go to the hospital for daily check-up. Thanks to Allah. Her Bilirubin reading is decreased to 145. So move to the second week I guess, my baby having this symptom that we called “Buntal – buntalan”. She kept on crying on that night since some people said the pain will occur during heavy rain. So on that night I slept with my baby by holding her with a kangaroo style (infant- mother bonding) which I know can reduced the pain she is having (Know this from Gray’s Anatomy) and Waalaaa it’s worked. She slept comfortably ion my chest till morning. The next morning we went to our elderly and ask her to cure my daughter. Syukur Alhamdulillah, using traditional method, my daughter is no longer in pain. During my postnatal month, I tried to fully breastfed my daughter because it is economical and good for your baby immune system. Trying so many medicine including the traditional method but unfortunately it is not going on as I really wanted it to be. I had not enough BM to feed my baby. She will ask to be fed every 30 minutes whereas at that time my breast still not producing any BM. So when she is 1 month old, I surrendered and asked my hubby to buy Powdered Milk  for my little Shafiyya. After feeding her with 4oz of Powdered Milk, she stops crying and sleeping soundlessly.