Cloth Diaper

My local made favourite CD


I have promised to review some of my cloth diaper on my previous post. I believe Taurusmom looking forward for this post. Okay I have bought both locally made CD and International CD. For local made CD I prefer qqbaby. QQbaby is a OS pocket CD with adjustable snap. This CD never dissapointed me in term of leak proof since my baby is a heavy wetter. I put mf top soaker over a bamboo soaker for more absobency and it’s last for over 5 to 6 hour. I prefer one size CD since it can be wear until my baby grow-up. This qqbaby CD is very good when it comes to leak proof. Even if the inserts is soaked with urine but still no leak can be seen anywhere. This CD is adjustable and can be wear until your baby is 3 years old depends on the baby weight. But so far I have no major problem with qqbaby cd.

For my International CD will review on my next post. Need to mention that I also bought some pre-luved CD and will review on my next post about buying a pre-luved CD but qqbaby is a new one.


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