My Shaffiya Journey

I am out of Breast Milk

Assalamualaikum, from my last post I did mentioned that my baby (or should I say me) having problem with my Breast Milk (not enough supply). This post is the continuance from the previous post. After realizing that my baby really unhappy with my BM supply so I decided to mix BM with Powdered Milk. When she reached 2 months old, still she had  not enough Powdered Milk or Breast Milk. Reviewing my experienced with my previous children, I assume that she has the same necessity with her brother and sisters (Powdered Milk mix with cereal). Maybe a lot of people out there will say WHAT? u gave your baby cereal at this age. Yes actually this matter bothered me so much whether my baby will be ok or not. But I just pray to Allah that nothing will happen to my baby. And now she is 5 months old yet she has no problem with her stomach any more. Hopefully there will be no problems too on the future. So until now she still drink powdered milk + cereal for a true satisfaction.


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