English Class

Hello everybody, sorry for not keeping my promise to tell you about my English Class progress on the same day. On last Friday, we learned about Grammar which I believe refreshes our memory about the rule of Grammar.  As we learned Grammar on that day , It feels like Old School when I’m in primary three. I never really paying attention on Grammar and never really try to understand the rule of it.

After 1 hour (I guess) of Grammar learning. Mr. Nik continue our class (after few minutes of break) with public speaking. I don’t know what to say, I just say whatever I want to share with others. As I mentioned before, I never pay attention on my Grammar neither on my writing nor conversation.

After class, on our way heading to our cars, we met with Mr. Nik and Mr. Faizal and I share with them a little about my  reading hobby. Mr. Nik told me that If I have read a lot of novel books, then I should stop and start reading about Biography. How could I stop reading novels. Reading novels is not just something that I used to improved my English but It is also a passion to me. Maybe I can add Biography in my reading list aligned together with my thrillers, horror and fiction. If that is the case than I believe I should start with Steve Jobs and Tun Mahathir. These two books have catches my eyes a few months a go when I and Rokiza were looking for books to give to our former Director Tuan Ariff bin Baharom.

I believe it’s a good start to enhanced my vocabulary knowledge and enrich my general knowledge. Thinking about my 3 months labour leave excite me more because I have so much time to spend on reading other than my new born baby.

Okay, that’s all for today. I have so much to share with you all about my pregnancy journey but I guess time is running out and my resources (picture) still not available. I guess this journey ends here for now. See you next time.


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