Pregnancy Journey

Journey of A Pregnant Mom

I have been pregnant for 8 months already. This is quite an experience for me because my last pregnancy was 6 years ago. I have first discovered that I am pregnant during Hari Raya 2011. At first I never expected that I am pregnant because the doctor from Nur Sejahtera Clinic said that I cannot conceive if I don’t make a dilation procedure because of my in-balance in hormone. So she said I need to stop taking any family planning pills. After Dilation procedure then we will discussed what family planning method should I use. Before I even went to Likas Hospital for this procedure, I am positively pregnant.

When I first discovered that I pregnant, I am crying hysterically (if that is the appropriate words to use) because I never expected to pregnant at this time and I know that I will look miserable and sick during my months of pregnancy.

The story begins when I feel that I have lost my appetite but I thought it is because I eat too much of everything. And then I am suffer from a heartburn but again I thought It is because I eat too much KOLOPIS (Glutinous Rice). The day after that, I am having this pregnancy discomfort (which I cannot get near to my husband) and I suspected that I am pregnant. The next day, I went to a Pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test kit and tested my urine. TADAAAAA it is positive. At that time I don’t know how should I react either happy or frustrated. Happy because I will have a baby again frustrated I will be suffering from Heartburn, Vomiting and all this pregnancy discomfort. So enough with my pregnancy for now. I will continue my mom- to-be (is it because I already have 3 children) journey.


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