Cuti - Cuti Malaysia

Ranau Vacation

Taking picture at Kalagadan (If i'm not wrong)

Last Weekend is the best weekend for 2010 (SO FAR) . My family and I went to Kg. Luanti, Ranau and stay at their Homestay. The place is just near Sabah Tea Plantations (Road to Sandakan).  We also went to a place where they call it as Kg. Tagal coz the Sungai are full of Tagal Fish. It’s easy to recognize the place. It has a big Signboard stated KG. TAGAL and big Fish Statue at the main entrance. Tagal Fish are what people call as FISH SPA. You soak your feet in the Sungai and the fish will come to you. you also can soak your whole body  but you must be ready for a school of fish coming attacking you.  It’s an experience of a life time. Really exciting and we will look forward coming to that place again. 

Tagal Fish that I mention earlier
My Uncle swimming with the fish
My Family (Mom, Cousin, My daughters and Son)


Kg. Tagal the fish village


The face of my father when the fish bite his leg (Geli n Sakit also)


Apart from that, we also went to Sabah Tea Plantation taking a tea break after swimming (of course we are starving after swimming). Tea break is not actually a tea break coz everybody ordered heavy food (fish n chips, fried mee, fried rice and etc). The place also nice with a beautiful scenery. 


Sabah Tea Plantations
My mom taking picture at Sabah Tea Plantations


My mom with unusual plant which I don't know the name
My cousin and my daughter

On our way back, we stop at Kundasang to buy flowers and vegetables. 




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