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S.M.K Benoni students reunion

S.M.K Benoni Class Of 98'

Today is our high school reunion but mainly the gathering is for science student of class 98. It is held at my house at 10.00 a.m this morning. really interesting and enjoyable because we got to meet everybody and see the transformation of everybody plus their life story this few years.

Betty Anthony become thinner than she was in form 5. She looks soooo skinny. I think the previous her much more better. If she see this blog my advice its better for her to gain a little weight.

As usual me the most talkative of them all. haha. Huzaini Hussin thinner and Macho (Claim by Narsi). It’s good for him but would like to know what is his tips.

It’s a shame Marzuki can’t attend our reunion since he’s involved with motorcycle accident and can’t walk for a while ( 3 months). We did visit him and wish him get well soon.

Bonniface with his body builder body.

Everybody is different now. Hope to have a reunion on the future. Next Suggestion is at 1B. Makan2, Tengok Wayang and Bowling.


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